There are a few simple ways to increase the cash flow from your rental properties. But you have to set aside the time and money to do it first.

I’ve been hammering this idea into your head for a while now.

And I can’t stress enough that you should buy properties in a way that allows you to turn them into rentals as a monthly cash-flow machine.

1Increase rent for maximum cash flow

Charge more to make more. It’s that simple.

But before you up the price on your rental property, research the rent prices in that area and compare.

If this seems like a reasonable amount and you can justify the increase by what you have to offer, then you’re well on your way to making instant cash flow.

2Upgrade your rental property

Unlike a ton of rental properties I see, you can charge more for those you put money into upgrading.

Improvements like appliance upgrades or a new HVAC unit and even installing a security system can benefit you.

There are a few upgrades that can help you avoid surprising liabilities. More and more people are using smart locks instead of a key entry, making it so easy for property turnover because it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

3Furnish the apartment

I recently came across someone who furnished the whole place and purchased Nintendo games and other fun things for renters.

By doing this, you increase the value of the space by up to $200 or more every month. Giving people everything they need while designing a place that feels good gives you an advantage.

These tips to increase cash flow from rental properties are not just easy, but they can be done in days.

From increasing rent charges or upgrading the property with appliances or security systems, there’s an option that will work well for you.

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