Illustration showing how to improve adaptability

Workplace adaptability is one of the most pressing topics in the leadership space right now. Stay ahead of the curve and see how you and your teams can improve adaptability across your company.

In the past years, we’ve all been experiencing every type of change imaginable. Societal. Economic. Cultural. Organizational.

Companies had to double down and rethink their leadership from square one.

And adaptability quickly became one of the most important skills for effective leaders and their teams.

So, as a leader, what can you do to promote a culture of adaptability and succeed in any environment?

Top ways to improve adaptability at your company

Practice expecting the unexpected

You always hear me talk about the importance of drilling when it comes to sales. But the same principle applies to leading your company through inevitable change.

The more you practice problem-solving, the more prepared you’ll be in any situation.

Take advantage of every chance to stretch you and your employees’ flexibility, and improve after each one.

Maintain open communication

According to research by McKinsey, senior managers boost organizational change success by 12.4 times when they maintain communication.

The most successful leaders are master communicators. And they promote transparent communication throughout their companies.

Don’t forget — you’re in the people business. You need to reassure your people that they can always ask questions, receive feedback, and count on your support to navigate company changes.

Work through the uncomfortable

Look, no matter how successful your company is, hard times will come. It’s important to celebrate all of the little and big wins along the way, but don’t get comfortable.

So, to improve adaptability, you need to face the uncomfortable head-on and work through it as a team.

Once you get out of your comfort zone, that’s where you’ll find the real magic and power.

Actively seek learning opportunities

Finally, a foolproof way to improve adaptability and 10X it is to always, always, always make time for learning.

I’m not talking about traditional school. You know my stance on that.

I mean taking in every skill-building life and business lesson you can get.

It all circles back to preparation. If you’re armed with a massive skillset, nothing can stop you and your company.

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