The true importance of decision-making is in the details. Let me sum it all up for you in one powerful sentence.


There is no in between. And if you are oblivious to the fact there is something bigger than you to protect, put yourself down in the “destroy” category. 

However, I don’t want you to feel hopeless. Empires can always be rebuilt.

In this article, I’m going to talk about making decisions in such a way that you neither derail nor delay your success. 

Small decisions are important

When I talk about the importance of decision-making, that also includes the small ones. 

I didn’t always make the right daily decisions that would empower me to fulfill my potential. But once I cut out all the toxic behaviors, my success seemed to fast-track. 

You can also make little choices that build you up to a higher quality of life. Things like taking care of your body and honing your skills all help. In fact, I wrote an entire article on my Daily Success Routine that you can refer to as a blueprint. 

Nevertheless, whether they are big or small choices, there is something else I want to impart to you about decision-making. 

Nothing happens by accident

The truth is that no one gets wherever they are in life by accident. 

When the economy crashed in 2008, Grant and I had to very intentionally decide that we would make it. As a result of every decision after that, we indeed made it and are even more successful today. 

Finally, when making a decision, I encourage you to ask a question that’s important for the fate of your empire:

Will this decision push you toward your larger purpose or hinder you?

For more empire-building essentials, register for the upcoming Create Your Wealth Mastermind and let’s get you on the right track for success.

May all your decisions build your empire stronger,

Elena Cardone



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