How to Use Social Media

Social media influencer and automotive sales training leader Grant Cardone kicked off the 19th Digital Dealer event with a Keynote speech in Las Vegas October 5th, 2015, and discussed how to dominate and explode your brand through social media. What makes Grant a leading social media influencer?  He is the #1 Meerkat Streamer, Top 5 Periscope Streamer, and has 700,000+ Facebook fans and over 300,000 followers on Twitter.  Combined with his experience in the auto industry, Grant offers tips and solutions that the industry can use to drive attention, and ultimately sales. Watch to learn how Grant uses real solutions to solve these common social media challenges: 1)   Gaining attention to stand-out 2)   Consumer engagement 3)   Moving your audience into an actual dealer Repeat until they delete you!


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