So, your company is pretty new and you want to learn how to scale it.

Lucky for you, I have the algorithm to scale.

These are the four most important steps on how to scale any business.

The 4Ms to scale a new company


First, before anything, you want to have a model business. This is the business you wish yours could be like. Ideally, it’s a successful, multi-million or billion dollar business. 

If you want to be great, you have to look at the greats. 

Essentially, if you want to learn how to do something right, then learn from the people who are already doing it — and crushing it, too.


Once you have your model business in mind, mimic what they do. 

You see, this is the type of business that got to where you want your business to go. So, why not mimic exactly what the successful businesses are doing?

And when I say “mimic”, I mean it! Take a look at what they’re currently doing — whether it’s email marketing, follow-up strategies, or something as simple as a website — and try to mimic it. Clearly, it’s working.


Practice makes perfect.

If you’re going to master what the greats are doing, you have to mimic them enough times in order to become an expert at that exact thing.


Once you master it, you go on and teach your team how to do it, too. There’s no point in learning how to do something, mastering it, and then not sharing it with the people who will help drive your company forward.

You have to be able to multiply your efforts so that you can 10X your business.

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