If you don’t get attention, the world won’t hear your message. Not being known will cost you everything. 

Too many people have ideas but don’t know how to market them. Failing to promote your product or ideas effectively will result in loss of income, confidence, and, in a worst-case scenario, your business. The first thing I want you to understand is that your not competing with other people in the same industry as you. 

Your real competition is global politics, pandemics, and your prospect’s daily lives. You have to get through all of that to even register on their radar. You have to know how to get attention in a noisy world. I’m going to share with you how to communicate your message effectively. 

Know Where You’re Lacking 

Shouldn’t you first know where you’re missing the mark if you’re looking to get more attention? Here is an exercise you can do fairly quickly to know where to get started. 

You’re going to do a short survey of the five people closest to you. Then you’re going to ask them these two questions. 

  1. What do you know me for?
  2. What three or four words would you use to describe me? 

You may find that these “close” friends and family don’t even know you for what you do most of the time! This is an indicator that you need to do more work on this next step. 

Repeat and Reinforce Your Message 

You have got to keep following up with your message to get any attention in a noisy world because saying it once or twice won’t get you anywhere. And if you don’t make sure people heard it, you don’t know they understood what you’re trying to say. 

I personally believe there is no such thing as bad attention as long as you are speaking your actual opinion and you feel good about it. Use every form of communication and media you can, collaborate with others, and spread your message in spaces you are not sure you belong. 

This is how you get attention in this noisy world. I don’t want you to worry about annoying or making others dislike you. You don’t need people to like you, you need to be successful. And only the best known will succeed. 

Be loud and be great.

Grant Cardone


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