How to Confront the Tough Stuff

On today’s episode Grant and Elena discuss confronting tough stuff—whether it’s news about the Paris attacks last week, office gossip, rumors about friends, etc. These can all be negative and difficult situations to hear about and be part of. Which is why they distinguish the difference between factual data and gossip. Knowing factual knowledge can be important to make the best decisions possible. Elena offers a real-life example of how she utilized personal information someone told her about another person to make the best decision for herself and her family. The next time someone approaches you with potential gossip ask yourself these questions: 1. Is this fact or opinion? 2. Does this relate to me directly? 3. What is the purpose of this person telling you about this? 4. Is there a way to help or provide a solution Finally, Grant challenges everyone this weekend to confront gossip at least once and shut it down. Don’t forget to pick-up our limited edition 2016 calendar:
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