How NOT to pay the IRS – Cardone Zone

The rich guys do not pay the IRS. It’s not that they don’t pay, they defer. You need to change your mind about paying the IRS. Pay more… 1. You want to pay more taxes. If you pay more you make more money. 2. Reduce the bill 3. Defer the bill What if I told you that you can buy a swimming pool or hot tub and deduct it? What if you could join the country club and write it off? No one is going to tell you this kind of stuff. My Rolls is a business expense. I only use it to drive to and from work. I write it off. Pay attention to money. All the big boys pay attention to the small things. You can’t do any of this if you don’t have money. Cash flow is the holy grail of all finances. You have to have money to do this game right. Did you know that heavy vehicles over a certain weight are a tax write off? Why do you think I bought a Range Rover for my wife? Because it’s heavy. I write it off. Last year I had my biggest tax problem. I asked my accountant if there was anything that we could. He said no. I called every day asking the same question, “how do we not pay this?” I bought a 40 million dollar jet and wrote it off as a business expense. What do you think I’m going to get with the jet? More opportunities for expansion. Would you want that or would you just pay the 40 mil tax bill to the IRS? What would you get from that? Everyone should take 9 tax exemption claims. Max out your exemption so they take less money from. It puts you in a different withholding bracket. You have to get your game tight.
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