How Jasmin Terrany Built Her Empire!

On this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Jasmin Terrany and She dives into her book series extraordinary Mommy. Not only do we talk about her empire building, but we also get into her core values. Are you searching for something, but not sure if I can offer you what you need? I understand. Let me make this easy for you… You are in the right place if… You have a deep commitment to making the world a better place. You dream bigger than the rest, accomplish extraordinary goals, and believe anything is possible. You have been outwardly “successful,” and your life may even look like a fantasy… …Yet you still feel like something is missing. I’m here to help you solve that – To align your inside with your outside – To help you feel true satisfaction in all areas of your life. Translation? I will help you be extraordinary in your personal life too. I work with international superstars, leaders, and change-makers, from Hollywood to Hong Kong. I know how difficult it can be for high profile, “world-changers” to find the time for their personal lives; and how difficult it is to actually stay focused and motivated when trying to make changes on your own. Want to know more about me?