Honest Confession

I have to be honest and make a confession…

Over the years I’ve enjoyed a lot of success for one big reason:  it’s because I am a gold digger. 

To be clear – when I talk about being a gold digger…

I’m not talking about manipulating men for money.  And I’m not talking about stamping your feet to get fancy cars…

Or diamond jewelry…

Or designer purses.  None of that.  I’m talking about something else entirely.   

Truth be told…

Many people have accused me of using Grant for his money.  For example:

People used to call me names like, “Elena No-Brainer”.

And one of Grant’s closest friends used to whisper behind my back that I was a “selfish, self-centered actress type”…

And that I could only be interested in Grant for his money.

Which was a complete fabrication. 

And hilarious when I think about it now.

Because before I met Grant…

I owned my own home, I had a successful acting career, and I’d been making great money since I was 17 years old.

But none of that mattered to Grant’s friends and family members. 

So they labeled me as a gold digger. 

Which ate me up inside.  Until I had a bit of an aha moment.  I made an honest confession to MYSELF: 

If people wanted to call me a gold digger, I should let them.

I should start calling myself a gold digger.  Why? 

Because the minute I started calling myself a gold digger, I stole my enemies’ power over me.

And I eliminated the sting from their insults. 

So nowadays, I proudly call myself a gold digger.  But like I said earlier…

When I talk about being a gold digger – I’m not talking about manipulating men for money.

I’m talking about something else entirely.  So, here’s how I define being a gold digger:

A Gold Digger Has a Strong Sense of Self-Worth 

This might make me unpopular, but I’m going to say it anyway:  the way you look matters. 

Because in a lot of industries, your appearance can open doors for you.  However…

Your physical appearance is just a small part of what will make you successful.  You also need intelligence…



And a strong sense of self-worth

In fact, I would argue your sense of self-worth matters 10 times more than your looks. 

This is why gold diggers must rock who they are underneath…

At the same time as taking pride in their exterior. 

A Gold Digger Mines for Gold in Others 

When I started dating Grant…

I quickly realized I had met my match.  He was a truly good man, my equal, and a man of comparable magnitude to me.

He was a man who could actually handle me – without trying to control me. 

I had never met a man like Grant before.  

But I also knew he was meant for more than simply being a great husband and father.  Which is why I made a commitment.

I committed to helping Grant achieve his potential. 

So, I do whatever it takes to support Grant in his goals. 

And I always mine for the gold inside of him. 

A Gold Digger Commits to Excellence in All Areas 

In my opinion, you can’t demand excellence from others if you don’t first demand it of yourself.  

For example:

I don’t just set ambitious targets for Grant. 

I also set myself massive goals for my business, my health, and my finances. 

The reason being… I want to set a great example for others.  

I want to lead by doing (instead of just shouting through a loudspeaker!). 

And I strongly encourage you to do the same. 

So, with all that said…

I hope my honest confession has inspired YOU to become a gold digger – so you and your partner can achieve incredible success together. 

Build an empire,

Elena Cardone

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