Hiring Good People

This morning I saw an article about job postings.

A payroll company surveyed 805 people.   They asked them what they liked and hated about job postings.

Here are the results…

Most of the complaints about job postings are if there’s no salary specified… or a salary is specified, but it’s low.

And most of the things people like revolve around flexible hours and remote work.

If you hire people to work in your business, there’s a lesson here for you.  But it’s probably not what you think.

You might think the answer to hiring good people is to post the job’s salary… to let everyone be remote… and let them work when they want to.

But you’d be wrong.

You see, I have hundreds of fantastic employees.

I can tell you that what they really want is different.

And they don’t even realize it until they learn about my companies.  Even then, they often don’t really get it until they’re here for a few months.

What high performers really want is to work in a company with energy.  A company that excites them.  A company that provides a vehicle for getting everything in life they dream of.

They don’t want a dead end job as long as it has flexible hours…

They want to work at a place where they can see a better version of themselves.

And when you can truly offer that to them, you’ll never need to motivate them to work hard and do more.   They’ll get motivated from the inside.

So, make any tweaks to your job postings that you want…

But what you ought to put way more thought into is how to make a company worth working for.

That probably means a culture shift from where you are today.

If you need help with it, join me at my upcoming 10X Business Boot Camp.

I put up a special “preview” page for you here so you can see what it’s all about.

Keeping it real,

–   Grant Cardone


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