Here In The Real World Sneak Preview

In this episode, Larry talks about the real world; not the world you want to live in or the world you think you live in, but the one you actually live in. The world where people are idiots, your kids are sometimes a disaster, your company is a mess, your boss and coworkers are a pain in the ass . . . that world. And none of that matters as you still have to figure out how to be successful in spite of it all. PLUS, Larry interviews Cy Wakeman, bestselling author of Reality-Based Leadership and Reality-Based Rules Of The Workplace. You are going to LOVE this interview. Cy and Larry are so much alike in their thinking that it’s almost scary. Cy’s teaching is grounded in reality and teaches people how to turn excuses into results and transform unhappy employees into accountable, successful members of the workforce. For more information go to


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