Health Advice for Men Over 40


When I hit 45, I noticed it was tougher to gain and keep my muscle. So, this is my health advice for men over 40.

I’m trying to keep all the muscle I can for my bones. I’ve tried a lot of different things.

Like sales, it’s all about keeping the graph up.


  1. I did P90X with Tony Horton and got into shape. The ab workout is the only one that works for me. I also cut out fried foods and eat mainly grilled meats.

  2. You’re doing great for 63, Grant! I’m 51, so not too far behind you. All of the technologies and “hacks” are great, but it’s still going to come down to the fundamentals of what you do every day in these areas: breathe, eat, drink, move and rest. They all work together. Gary probably has you doing the breathing and obviously you’re using O2. As late as you’re on Clubhouse, you’re probably not getting all the sleep you need… same problem here! LOL! On the movement, great job on the cardio and weights. Be sure to include regular stretching exercises to keep your body loose and mobility high. This is especially important as we age. As for the diet, well, with your income, I’d just hire someone to do the meals for me and serve it up. No energy wasted figuring macros, calories, etc. You’re an inspiration, Uncle G!


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