How much money is your company or team missing every day through failing to handle the following objections? 1. Money. 2. Time. 3. Send information… and the list goes on. Here’s the reality, these objections generally ONLY COME UP if there is a lack of DESIRE or TRUST. Because isn’t it true that if a prospect has enough desire for your offer they will: 1. Get resourceful and find the money through borrowing, payment plans, credit cards, savings or even sell something they don’t need anymore. 2. They will make the time. 3. The information would be irrelevant because they’re already sold. PART I So if your prospect says to you: 1. “I need more information”, “I can’t afford this right now”, “I have another project I want to finish first”, “Time is a challenge”. You haven’t built enough desire and they are politely saying “no” in an indirect way. This would mean your job is to go and build their desire back up, rather than retreating to a second call. Try looping back to their reason for being on the call in the first place (challenges they want to overcome / problems solved). Then….. What this would these challenges cost (financially, health, relationships etc) if they continued to go on for another year, three years etc. Thirdly, allow your prospects to visit a brighter future with these key problems solved, let them describe it to you. Finally, the value of your solution needs to exceed the price you are asking when compared to the cost of their problems or it’s unethical selling. PART II Now if a prospect says: “Tell me about other people who have used your product or services”, “I don’t really know you or your company”, “Send me some testimonials first”. You haven’t established TRUST, so it’s critical you don’t defend or start selling at this point. Go back to their challenges and make the conversation about them. You might say something like this: “Thank you, we have a number of happy clients and I am looking forward to introducing many of them to you, although can I ask you this”….. This is when you should ask a question that gets the prospect talking again, so you can get back to work on building trust. Remember 95% of the time an objection usually always comes down to a lack of trust or desire, so train your team to address the real problems and sales will increase without the need to work any harder. Please comment below or send me a private message if you would like access to the 6-step sales blueprint we use on every call to close deals within 24 hours starting with a new prospect.
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