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One of the toughest things you’ll encounter as you build your empire is enemies sabotaging your success. And in my experience, you can handle enemies in one of two ways…

Option #1 

When enemies strike, you can curse your bad luck.  You can tell yourself, “deep down, most people are good.”  

Then, you can continue operating as you always did, while hoping this attack was a one-off. 

There are a lot of positives to this approach.

If you’re like me, you likely consider yourself a “people person.”  You probably see the best in others.  

And when you tell yourself people are fundamentally good…

It aligns with your positive worldview.  You can open up to people without building a wall.  

So, you’ll likely establish a wide network of friends and associates you can connect with over dinner…

Or drinks…

Or business conversations, etc.

This is how most “normal” people operate.  They operate this way because they enjoy being liked. 

Wanting to be liked is natural.  

However, when you try to be liked as an empire builder, it can sometimes work against you.   

For example…

Before the 2008 financial crisis, Grant and I struck up a friendship with a couple of local entrepreneurs. 

We liked them a lot.  And we wanted them to like us too. 

Eventually, we got so friendly that they invited us to their wedding.  And Grant and I went into business with them. 

We thought we had hit the jackpot!  

Not only were we making money… we were doing it with great friends. 

But this couple was not who we thought they were.  Instead of deepening our relationship, they filed a $60 million lawsuit against us.

Turns out, we were victims of a scam.  And we never saw it coming.  Why?

Because we were too focused on being liked. 

Which brings me to the second option to handle enemies of your empire:

Option #2 

If an enemy creeps out of the woodwork to sabotage your empire… you can build your walls high.  

“Building your walls high” means a couple of things.   

First, it means taking responsibility for the role YOU played in letting this enemy infiltrate your empire. 

It means asking yourself what YOU did to miss the warning signs. 

Then, it means putting policies in place to avoid the same situation rearing its head in the future. 

There is a downside to this approach.  You may become more suspicious of people’s motives.

“Normal” people may accuse you of being a cynic.  But empire builders play a bigger game than normal people.

The stakes are higher.  And so, the rules of the game are different.

In my opinion, this is the best option to handle enemies of your empire. 

It blocks haters, naysayers, and saboteurs BEFORE they can attack.

And – as Grant and I learned the hard way – people show their true colors in times of crisis.

We realized enemies will stoop to shocking new levels of deceit when the economy starts heading South.

It’s why now is the time to build your walls high and create a rock-solid empire – ready for whatever the world throws at you. 

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This challenge is for you… if you want to confidently navigate the economic downturn.

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Build an empire,

Elena Cardone

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