Following through on big goals is easier said than done. However, one man made it happen every week for 12 months. Who is the person who broke these 52 Guinness World Records within a single year? 

Author, speaker, and entertainer David Rush of Idaho is the man responsible for a year of record-breaking.

His aim was to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and show students struggling in those areas of academics that anything is possible.

In 2015 I broke my first GWR to create a tangible example for folks to show that if you set your mind to a goal, believe in yourself, and pursue it with a passion, you can accomplish nearly anything. Going on to break an average of 1 a week is an extension of that to inspire kids to pursue hard STEM subjects and anyone to pursue anything that’s hard.

— David Rush Blog

Don’t call it a comeback; David Rush has been breaking Guinness World Records for years

David Rush is no stranger to challenges. Aside from the 52 Guinness World Records broken in one year, he has held over 200 since 2015. 

He has accomplished this by himself as well as with others. Some of his numerous records include: 

  • Most soccer arm rolls in 30 seconds;
  • Fastest time to arrange a chess set;
  • Most juggling catches made on a balance board while blindfolded;
  • Farthest distance traveled on an electric unicycle while juggling three objects;
  • Most kiwis sliced in one minute — a record that he claims he performed with a samurai sword.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Idaho native had 43 records confirmed in 2021 with another 11 in review. This is to be sure he hits his goal in case Guinness can’t confirm one or two. 

Regardless, David is a prime example of never lowering your targets and taking more action

Featured image source: David Rush 4 STEM


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