Being able to say you’ve lived a century is a huge accomplishment in itself. But to set a Guinness World Record for working at the same company? Now that’s 10X! 

The Guinness World Record holder for “Longest Company Tenure” is Walter Orthmann from the small town of Brusque, Brazil. Even more, this incredible record was verified shortly before Orthmann’s 100th birthday. 

This is the story of his outstanding company loyalty. 

Breaking Guinness World Record for company tenure in SALES

Walter Orthmann — who was born on April 19, 1922 — decided he needed to get a job at the early age of 15. His intention was to help his family who was struggling financially. 

As a result of his fluency in speaking German, Walter was hired as a shipping assistant by Industrias Reneaux S.A., a textile company known today as ReneauxView. The official date of his hire was January 17, 1938. 

However, he was soon promoted to a sales position at the textile company. Then, he was further promoted to sales manager. Orthmann has held that position now for 84 years! 

Also, it looks like he doesn’t intend to retire anytime soon. 

No plans of stopping

In 2022, Walter Orthmann was officially welcomed into the Guinness Book of World Records. He labeled the record as his “proudest achievement.” 

When he was asked how he stayed with the same company for 84 years, he said: 

“I don’t do much planning, nor care much about tomorrow. All I care about is that tomorrow will be another day in which I will wake up, get up, exercise, and go to work. You need to get busy with the present, not the past or the future. Here and now is what counts.”

As of now, the Guinness World Record breaker has no plans of retirement.

I look forward to enjoying the hustle that much when I turn 100. 

Be great no matter your age,

Grant Cardone 

Featured image source: Guinness World Records 


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