On the second day of the live 10X Growth Conference 2023, Grant Cardone informed the audience that he was going to announce the winner of the first-ever Great American Speak Off — and their vote would make the final decision… 

On February 15, Grant surprised the 10X Growth Con 2023 audience that they were all going to be a part of a TV show, The Great American Speak Off

First, he introduced Coach Jimmy as the MC of the grand finale. Additionally, Mr. Cardone, Elena Cardone, Stormy Wellington, and Pete Vargas would act as the commentary judges panel. 

The Road to The Great American Speak Off

Initially, 27,000 contestants applied to win a $1 million speaking tour and invaluable mentorship from GC and Pete Vargas of 10X Stages.

After months of local competitions and filming across the country, only four speakers remained for the audience to choose from. 

These are the highlights from the finalists and who ultimately was the victor…

Finalist Joe Beckman on the Power of Human Connection

The first of the four remaining The Great American Speak Off contestants was Joe Beckman

His speech focused on the power of human connection and the impact it can have on everyone’s lives.

Beckman relayed personal experiences and gave actionable steps that others could take, which Vargas noted as a positive point. 

The speakers had only three minutes to present. So shortly, the next competitor took the stage… 

“It’s not about how you start, it’s how you finish.”

Those words were from the powerful presentation of Shametria Gonzales

Shametria shared her personal experience of overcoming a broken home, surviving being a sex trafficking victim, and homelessness to become an advocate, masters degree candidate, and speaker. 

Grant shared that during the first rounds of the competition, she had been eliminated. However, he was glad they gave her a “wild card” second chance. The panel and audience agreed.

However, there were two more finalists in the wings… 

Cowboy Randy Hedge Painted a Country Scene 

The third The Great American Speak Off contender, Randy Hedge, definitely had a larger-than-life stage presence.

Ten-gallon hat, cowboy boots, and a syrupy drawl… 

One of his two steps to success was, “Beware of the naked man that offers you his shirt.” The imagery impressed and left a strong visual for Stormy, she commented with a laugh. 

Because of Grant’s Southern upbringing, he showed some favoritism for Hedge, but there was one last horse in the race… 

The Last Contestant Glenn Lundy Has a Question for You…

The fourth finalist to speak, Glenn Lundy, started his speech with one simple question…

“Who are you?”

Glenn explained he couldn’t answer this for a long time because he struggled with his mixed heritage background.

Lundy’s heartfelt delivery made Elena “want to be bigger and better,” as well as nearly bringing her and the rest of the judges to tears. The only criticism came from Pete Vargas, who felt it took Glenn too long to get to his message.

After all of the judges’ remarks, the four finalists were brought to the stage to determine the big winner…

Applause for The Great American Speak Off Winner!

With all of the speakers together before the 10X Growth Con audience, Grant gave the crowd some instructions. Whoever the attendees wanted to be crowned the first-ever winner, he asked them to applaud when their names were called… 

After two rounds of applause, the army of 10X-ers selected Glenn Lundy as the winner of The Great American Speak Off! 

We all wish him our sincere congratulations and can’t wait to see his career progress.

Another iconic moment in 10X Growth Con history!

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