Elena and Grant Cardone in the 2000s

The world is full of crazy love stories. Even so, ours was worse than a “friends to lovers” plotline… Grant was nonexistent to me! So strap in, because the real-life story of how my husband won me over is stranger than fiction.

Despite the fact that Grant saw us together from the moment he laid eyes on me, I didn’t even consider him an option

Also, it didn’t help his case that he broke all the unspoken rules of Hollywood. The first time we met was on the set of a commercial in downtown Los Angeles…

Grant introduced himself. I brushed him off. That was that — or so I thought. 

In total violation of social — and the Screen Actors’ Guild — etiquette, Grant had convinced the director to give him my phone number

Strike one. 

For that reason, I was completely surprised when I got a phone call from Grant a couple days later. And do you know what he said? 

“People’s lives tend to improve when they hang out with me.” 

I couldn’t believe this guy was being serious. As well as acting totally arrogant, businessmen just weren’t my type. On top of that, he was short… 

Strike two AND three. 

Nonetheless, Grant continued to call and leave a message for me twice a month, for 13 months

My plan was to ignore him for eternity until he discovered my weakness… 

I Can Resist All… But the Shooting Range 

During that 13-month period I was ignoring him, Grant was doing his homework. He made friends with my friends and discovered my interests, likes, and hobbies. 

So, when Grant found out I was a competitive shooter, he rented out an entire shooting range with a prominent instructor…  

And when he invited me, I caved in and accepted

While I didn’t fall in love with him for this reason, I did see that he wasn’t as bad as I originally thought. From there, we grew to be friends. 

Gradually over our friendship, I could tell he liked me, but he didn’t act like a normal guy about it — which was good. 

Grant was never pushy about his feelings for me or made me feel uncomfortable. 

Then while we were spending time together one day, it hit me out of the blue like a ton of bricks…

“Oh my God! You’re going to make me fall in love with you, aren’t you?” I asked in total shock.

To which, he calmly replied, “Yes.” 

Well, I’ll let you figure out the rest of the story for yourself… 

What’s There to Learn from the Story of How Grant Finally Won Me Over?

In the end, I wish Grant would have found me sooner. I couldn’t ask for a more loyal partner and friend to build my empire with. 

I know our relationship and journey aren’t typical, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

The idea I would urge you to take away from this is to never give up on what you know is truly the right thing for you — career, relationships, anything. 

The rewards are worth the effort.

Be persistent and build an empire,

Elena Cardone  

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