Grant and Elena Cardone

When you type my name into a search bar, some of the results that auto-populate are: “Grant and Elena Cardone marriage” or “Grant and Elena Cardone net worth“. This shows me that people are interested in how we created the life we enjoy today as a couple.

I asked Elena about how she thinks we achieved this level of success.

And it looks like we have slightly different views on what contributed to how we built a 10X life. 

So, here is my version of how we made it, then I’ll let Elena tell hers. 

We are 10X more powerful together: Grant and Elena Cardone

Elena and I were both successful in our own right before we met, let alone got married.

I had made the name Grant Cardone synonymous with sales training, and Elena was a lead actress on a popular television show. Individually, we both thought we had things figured out and knew the best way to do things. 

Elena and I are both competitive and stubborn, so this “I’m more right” mentality caused friction between us in the beginning of our relationship.

Then, we realized two things.

One was that we weren’t thinking big enough together as a couple, which made us pick at each other.

The next was that if we had a goal and purpose big enough, we could reach those goals faster together. 

Some examples of this at work is Elena is the one who gave me the goal to be a billionaire. I pushed Elena to finish her book when she was at the point of giving up on it.

Now, Elena agrees with this part of us building a 10X life, but here is what she wanted to add. 

Elena Cardone says, “Add value by what you do AND don’t do”

Elena here to add my two cents.

Grant is 100% right that you have to be on the same page to build a 10X life.

But if you aren’t adding value to one another’s lives in order to achieve those goals, you won’t get there.

How do you do something meaningful for your partner?

The example of this that comes to mind for Grant and me is that I don’t bring drama to my husband.

I don’t nag him about spending too much time working or when is he going to pay attention to me.

That is me adding value by not doing something.

This allowed Grant the freedom to keep his head in the game and provide for our family. That is important at the end of the day, after all.

In turn, Grant adds value to my life by pushing me to do more than I would have normally, like get my real estate license. 

You have to fuel each other’s engines to fulfill that big, shared purpose. 


To sum this whole thing up, Elena and I had to work incredibly hard to create a 10X life.

There was a time in 2008 when what I had built was crashing and I wasn’t sure I could do it again. It was because of Elena refusing to let me give up I not only rebuilt what I had — but continued to go further. 

We wish you the best building your 10X life,

Grant and Elena Cardone



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