One of the most searched categories of famous and successful people is the term “net worth”. People are fascinated with it. Just search my name, Grant Cardone, and before you even hit enter, you will see the second most searched term after my name is “net worth”.

Then, the next search terms are:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Wiki
  • Wife
  • Quotes
  • Books
  • Real estate

For the record, I am 62, 5’8”, killed my wiki page, my wife’s name is Elena, I have a lot of quotes, 21 best-selling books and business programs, and some billions in real estate.

Now, let’s talk about net worth. I doubt most people even know what the term “net worth” means or how to calculate it for themselves.

Net worth is the value of the assets a person or corporation owns, minus the liabilities (debt)

It can be a somewhat meaningful metric to gauge a company or individual’s financial health. But, in truth, net worth means very little with regards to how a company or individual can spend money.

I will explain below. 

When I was 25 years old my net worth calculation was:

Grant Cardone Net Worth


Cash 0

Car 500

Total Assets 500


College Loan – 40,000

Personal Loan – 3,500

Total Debt 43,500

Net Worth -43,000

This is called being in the red.

Clearly, I wanted to change my financial condition and get myself out of the red, so I started asking questions.

In the beginning, I reached out to anyone who knew more than me, almost everyone, which resulted in me getting a lot of bad advice. 

The financial planner and banker told me the way to increase net worth was to reduce spending and get rid of debt. Between you and me, I didn’t just want to increase my net worth — I wanted to get rich.

How to increase net worth

Later, I discovered there are two ways to increase net worth and only one of them creates real wealth:

1) reduce debt and save money;

2) increase assets (specific kinds of assets) that increase in value.

When I started studying those who had achieved wealth, I realized they all invested in assets too. They even borrowed money to buy specific types of assets that increase (appreciate) in value over time.

Assets like houses, cars, cash, and retirement accounts don’t create wealth. They simply create a false sense of security.

Cars, houses and retirement accounts give you a way to get around, place to live and a way to retire. 

Investments, inventory, businesses, property, plant equipment, patents, trademarks, royalty, accounts receivable, and partnerships are assets that can grow in value.

While my friends were paying off their cars and homes, I started investing in assets rather than cars and houses.

Invest in the right assets

If you are going to create real net worth and real wealth, you have to invest in the right kind of assets. All assets are not created equal, and all debt is not bad debt.

Some assets actually go down in value and others grow in value. An apartment building that produces income will probably appreciate more than a house you live in. Buying a car will not provide appreciation in most cases, but an investment in a successful car dealership probably will. 

Consumer debt to purchase toys and trips is probably not a good idea, but business debt to grow your company can be. Taking on debt to invest in business partnerships will probably prove to be a better retirement account than a 401K.

Regarding my net worth today, it depends on a few things


  • The real estate worth 2.2B?
  • Cardone Enterprises worth 15X earnings or is it 25 times?
  • My partnership at Cardone Ventures where we invest in startups worth more with my brand than without and worth more together than separate?
  • Cardone Brand worth worth 10X more than its net profits?

Would there be a buyer for any or all of them?

But the most important thing about my personal net worth is how many people I can help improve their net worth.

No one is going to remember you or me for how much we have, but they will remember how many people we helped.

If you are one of those people interested in creating real wealth for yourself and your family, let me help you.

Join my coaching program for FREE so I can help you get you on your way to creating the kind of wealth you and your family deserve.

Be great,

Grant Cardone


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