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In a recent segment on the Fox News Channel, Grant Cardone spoke about Americans’ ever-decreasing desire to work — even with a recession ahead.

Monday morning, July 11, Fox News invited Grant Cardone to shed light on the state of the American workforce.

In the interview hosted by Steve Doocy, Grant provided timely observations on employment trends in the context of economic uncertainty.

“COVID broke the back of the American work ethic.” — Grant Cardone for Fox News Channel

First, Fox News’ Steve Doocy opened the conversation by addressing U.S. unemployment rates.

“There are too many people in this country now that don’t want to work,” Doocy stated. “If you look at the participation rate, the number of people in the workforce is actually below where it was before the pandemic. So, when the unemployment number comes out and it’s a low number, people think, ‘hey, happy days are here again’ — it’s because so few people are looking for work.”

Then, in response, Grant highlights that “COVID broke the back of the American work ethic.” He continues by illustrating all the ways in which “the government and big corporations are pandering to the American worker.”

The examples he listed range from forgiving loans to offering options like four-day workweeks.

How Cardone Enterprises challenges the statistic

However, given Grant’s experience with massive hiring at Cardone Enterprises, it’s clear that some aspects attract job-seekers more than others.

“We hired almost 300 people through COVID. While everybody else was saying they had a problem that they couldn’t find good people, we found plenty of people in the last six months to hire. […] The American worker wants to be in an environment where people are competitive. Where people are pushed and they’re challenged, paid well, and taken care of,” Grant concludes. 

Click below to view the full segment with Grant Cardone on Fox News:

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