As the twig is bent, the tree grows.

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The beauty of being young is that you dream without limitations. You believe that you will make your dreams come true and become successful. As adults we should follow that example more often.

Research shows that most adults don’t have a clear written down plan for life. Research also shows that even when we do set goals, we fail to achieve them. This means most people go through life without having a clear plan for their future in mind.

Most of us have never learned to sit down and write down a clearly defined plan for your life. They don’t teach that at school and only a few of us have been brought up with writing down goals, making action plans and creating a strategy to achieve your goal. Most people just have a vague idea about what they want, plan until college, and then get so busy with living life that they forget that they are the ones in charge.

But how successful can you be in achieving what you want without any form of planning? How can you efficiently grow as a person and in your career/business, without having a clear target or direction?

No business would just wing it and then cross their fingers they will eventually get results they want. Every successful business has a clear vision for their future. Every successful business sets short and long term goals. Every successful business creates a strategy to make best use of their resources and individual talents to get the best results. That’s because they know productivity and results go up, when they stick to a clear plan.

Imagine the confidence you experiencing when you have the skill to take control over your life and know how to plan and take the necessary actions to achieve what you want. Imagine the head start you have when you learn to set goals and make actions plans at an early age. If they learn how to prioritize, make action plans and develop the discipline to work hard on achieving it.

At school children are taught cognitive skills for their future: math, science, biology. But to be successful in life you need much more than just cognitive skills. Kids need to develop a stable personality, strong socials skills and connect with their personal talent to actually reach their full potential.

We owe it to our future generation to let them develop the skills they need in real life. They need to be provided with the tools that help them move forward in all areas of life.

Children that grow up feeling self-aware, confident and know what they are passionate will make smart choices for the future when it comes to friendships, study choice and money.

When you grow up knowing that you can work on your dreams by setting achievable goals, you will excel on whichever path they choose to take.

Children that are encouraged to discover their inner talents and are provided the tools to make constructive plans for their life, grow up inspired. And inspired kids grow up to inspired adults that feel the inner need to always develop themselves and make a positive contribution to the world.

Once you know your own unique strengths and know what you want to achieve in life, you gain confidence and grow up believing in your personal success. If you then learn to value and respect others as well, you will work together (instead of against each other) and become part of a strong, growing community.

Start teaching about goal setting at home by answering the following questions with your kids:

  1. What is my dream for my world and my future?
  2. How can I turn a dream into a goal?
  3. How do I make a plan to achieve a goal?
  4. What actions do I need to take to achieve this goal?

If you want your teen to learn how to discover their strengths, set goals and make an action plan to achieve that goal, you can sign them up for Partem Education’s “SMART TEEN” workshop. For more information check our Facebook Page Partem Education or send an email to

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