Goal Setting and Why its Important – Cardone Zone LIVE!


Goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or group envisions, plan or commits to achieve….. Goals can be set with finite times or not.

1) Provide Clarity as to what I want in my life

2) Gives you something to shoot for

3) Form of Measurement

3) Priortizes Importances

4) Should drive activity and decision making

5) Creates Accountability

Why people give up on their goals:

1) Feel defeated

2) No victories

3) People you hang with

4) Tolerate Quitting

Tips on writing goals:

1) Daily whether I am achieving them or not

2) Write down am/pm and when I am disappointed

3) Write them in present or even past tense

4) Go Big…..

5) Don’t be disappointed in not achieving just keep writing

6) Surround yourself with others who are goal driven/dreamers