How diverse is your marketing strategy?

If your focus is narrow and limited, you might be missing key marketing opportunities in spaces with tremendous potential. Multiple marketing avenues will diversify your campaign and can add extra business opportunities.

Landscape artist Steve Griggs does just this. In New York City, space is limited to create a “back yard.” Steve is capitalizing on the opportunity to help property owners make the most of rooftop space by implementing unique landscape design in restricted spaces.

One of New York City’s top landscape design experts, Steve has seen an increase in demand for landscaping projects on rooftop properties in various parts of New York City. His marketing strategy includes suburban dwellings as well as urban homes, and this ability to diversify leads to promising results.

Find every marketing avenue

Traditional marketing techniques in the landscaping industry suggest looking toward large projects and can be rewarding. Finding a niche and targeting smaller markets can be a challenge, and the key is to be resourceful. Study the market, learn the trends and make constant adjustments to your marketing strategy.

Steve takes a three-step approach when speaking with his clients, and this strategy can work with marketing as well. First, listen to your client and listen to the needs and wants of the marketplace. Second, anticipate the client’s needs. Lastly, create an ideal space for clients and their families.

Listen, anticipate, create. At Steve Griggs Design, these three actions are key to marketing success as well as project success. His business is proof that looking for every opportunity to market in less than traditional spaces can create success. With the growing demand for rooftop gardens in New York City, Steve doesn’t just look ahead; he looks up.

When marketing your business, you must focus on obvious open spaces and still be resourceful enough to go above and beyond to find “green” in less than traditional spaces. Steve Griggs proves that advertising in traditional markets is necessary, and finding less-than-traditional marketing spaces is also essential.

Jason Mudd is CEO of Axia Public Relations, a national PR firm. He is an Emmy Award-winning, accredited public relations practitioner, speaker, author and entrepreneur. His public relations portfolio includes work for American Airlines, Budweiser, Dave & Buster’s, H&R Block, Hilton, HP, Miller Lite, New York Life, Pizza Hut, Southern Comfort, Verizon and more.


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