How to Get Rich after Overcoming Addiction

Everyone is addicted to something that’s not serving you and your success. Trevor Crane interviews Super-Successful Peter Harrigan, to reveal: 1. His secrets to success, 2. How to get rich, and 3. How to overcome addictions that are killing your business. In 1989, Peter entered a drug and rehab center to battle his own addiction to drugs and alcohol. From that point, he transformed his worst moment, the absolute bottom in his life, into a successful business and his life’s purpose to serve others. Since then, Peter has used his proven success strategies to assist over 10,000 people transform their lives and overcome their addictions. He is also well on his way to creating a Billion Dollar Company, with Treatment Centers around the country. Peter is the founder and CEO of Palm Partners – Guaranteed Addiction Treatment Solutions, specializing in Drug Rehab & Alcohol Rehabilitation. You can get his free guide and special report at:


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