Get Your Money Right Sneak Preview

Grant is talking today about how to get your mind on your money. He goes into how millionaires view their money versus how everyone else does. Do have that wealth mentality? Are you trying to 10X your finances so you can reach your dreams? • Do you think the wealthy have an unfair financial advantage? Everyone has the same opportunity to acquire wealth. Grant came from nothing financially, his father died when he was young, and his mother did everything she could to provide for her children—except expanding her wealth; she hoarded the money. The middle class is a myth. It’s a bigger illusion than getting wealthy is. The middle class doesn’t exist as a place of financial safety. Creating wealth is easier than living in the ‘middle class’. “Instead of focusing on clipping coupons and living frugally, the wealthy reject the nickel-and-dime thinking of the masses and focus their mental energy where it belongs: on the big money.” – Steve Siebold, The Way Millionaires View Money Is Different From Everyone Else Article Takeaways: 1. Focus on earning money. 2. Use leverage. 3. Think about money in non-linear terms. 4. See money through the eyes of logic, not emotion. 5. Believe rich is right. • $135 trillion on planet Earth today. There are more hands trading US dollars outside of the US, than within. You could cut off a $1 million slice for yourself and the world wouldn’t even notice. • “Most of your life you don’t get paid what you’re worth. Do Whatever It Takes to one day get over paid—and get over paid a lot.” – GC Tucker, a Grant fan who is only 10-years old, calls in and asks for some advice to begin making money as soon as possible! He challenges him to make $100 in the next 7 days, and if Tucker succeeds, Grant will match that $100, which will multiply Tucker’s wealth by 50 times!


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