Get Keep Wealth

The animal kingdom can teach us a lot about how to get and keep wealth.

Throw a juicy steak into a pack of starving dogs…

And guess which one eats?

The biggest one?

The smartest one?

The strongest one?


Those dogs will go hungry.

There’s only one dog who eats…

…and it’s the hungriest dog in the pack.

Because the hungriest dog will hustle the most.

It’ll be mean. 

It’ll do what none of the other dogs are willing to do.

Because his survival depends on it.

And that’s the mindset you need to dominate every aspect of your life.

You’ve got to be hungry… and stay hungry to get and keep wealth.

You need to be the hungriest and most aggressive dog in the pack.

But here’s the big problem…

Over time even the most motivated person can start to slack.

Especially if you start winning.

Let’s say you prove yourself and get a few nice pieces of steak.

You have some successes.

Now you’re not as hungry.

You get comfortable.


“I’ve got more than I had before, that’s enough for me.”

So you stop being hungry.

You stop hustling.

Guess what happens next…?

Your motivation falls to zero to get and keep wealth…

And hustling doesn’t make you happy anymore.

That excitement you used to have… gone in a puff of dust.

So you’ll try to find it in other places… 

You eat more.

You booze more.

And, you skip your workout.

In short, you lose track of your vision.

You get disengaged

…and lose track of your “why.”

Whenever I think about this I remember Rocky Balboa, he’s a perfect example.

Rocky started out as a dead-broke amateur…

…be at least he was hungry.

Hungry enough to stand toe-to-toe against the World Champ… twice.

But once he finally “made it” and got comfy at the top…

…he stopped being hungry.

So Clubber Lang exploded on the scene and rocked his world.

Rocky had to get hungry and stay hungry to win and keep the belt.

When he got disengaged — he lost it all.

Here’s my point with all this.

If you want to 10X every aspect of your life…

Make more money…

Grow your business…

And live a happier, more fulfilling life…

You need to make sure you never get disengaged.

How do you do that?

Always set a MASSIVE target to get and keep wealth.

Because people get disengaged when the payoff isn’t big enough.

There is a certain amount of money — only you can know it — that will motivate you to walk over broken glass to get it.

Until that number is big enough, you’re not even going to consider making The Walk.

But at some point, you’ll start to see the pain as “worth it.”

That’s when you know you’ve set a 10X target.

10X Targets will keep you hungry.

They’ll keep you motivated.

Once you’ve made your target big enough, you have to do whatever it takes to hit it.

That’s how you get and keep incredible wealth.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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