FTX Bankrupt Illustration

Did this happen to you? You wake up one morning to devastating news. The crypto exchange you trusted, FTX, has filed for bankruptcy…

Panic sets in as you try to log into your account… 

Only to find that you’re unable to withdraw your funds.

And you discover you’re not alone.

Thousands of other customers are in the same boat, helpless and unsure of what to do next.

You begin to worry that the money you invested may be gone forever.

You start researching the bankruptcy process, trying to understand how it might affect you.

But the information is confusing and conflicting.

And now…

FTX claims to have found over $5 billion in cash and other assets…

And they do not know how much money is missing from customer accounts yet. 

Why am I telling you this?

If you’re a business owner, this is a wake-up call that you can’t afford to ignore.

The process of locating this $5 billion revealed a LOT about FTX as a company…

And it shows us a prime example of what NOT to do if you run a business.

First off, FTX didn’t have their financials in order. 

They didn’t have accurate and up-to-date financial statements…

And their financial reporting was not transparent. 

This is a huge red flag, especially for a business dealing with a lot of money like FTX was.

But it’s not just about the financials. 

FTX also lacked the necessary corporate controls to keep the ship afloat. 

Think about it.

Just like a fortress needs strong walls and a sturdy foundation…

Your business needs to have controls in place to protect your assets and your customers.

And let’s not forget, a downturn can hit any business at any time. 

It’s your responsibility as a business owner to have a plan in place to weather the storm…

And to make sure your business is positioned to survive and thrive in any economic environment.

But here’s the kicker, FTX had a portfolio of over 300 non-strategic investments. 

That’s a recipe for disaster, folks. 

As an entrepreneur, you need to focus on your core business FIRST before shifting to other verticals.

That’s why I’m telling you that this is a wake-up call. 

If you’re a business owner, don’t ever get complacent.

Don’t let your guard down…

And always be ready to take action when needed. 

Make sure your financials are in order… 

Your corporate controls are tight…

And your business is prepared for the worst. 

Don’t be the next FTX.

It’s your responsibility to make sure your business is built on a solid foundation…

And that it has the necessary walls in place to protect it from the storms of the economy.

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Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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