What would you do if you had $300,000 right now? Do you use the money to flip a house and sell it — or invest in an apartment complex? The answer may surprise you.

Both can be highly lucrative investments, but which is the better option?

Many people think that flipping houses pays off more because you can quickly make a lot of money. Most people believe the American Dream is to own a house and think that’s the fastest way to get wealthy.

However, this is why investing that $300,000 in an apartment deal will help you get rich faster than flipping a home.

Look at it this way:

Let’s say the house is $1,200,000. One door — $900,000, where the liability would cost you $54,000 per year plus taxes, insurance, and upkeep.

Instead, you can take your $300,000 and invest it into an apartment complex at $1,200,000 — but with 20 doors. That means more cash flow, more renters, and more money in your pocket every single month.

So, is flipping houses or apartment investing worth it?

If both options are valued at $1,200,000, it’s simple. While you pay for the house each month, the apartment complex gives you money each month. I’d say that’s one sweet deal!

When you invest in an apartment complex, you don’t have to worry about constantly finding buyers for it. On the other hand, apartments to rent are always in demand.

So, you sit back and reap the rewards of your multifamily investment while enjoying a nice monthly passive income stream.

What do you think? Which investment would you rather have — a house that you have to renovate constantly or an apartment complex that generates constant cash flow? Leave your comments below!



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