The Fed’s Board of Governors released the May 2022 Financial Stability Report, which presents key insights into the state of the American economy. What did the Federal Reserve’s latest decisive document reveal?

Monday, May 9, the central bank of the United States shared its biannual report on the national financial system. While the report’s purpose is to assess the resilience of the U.S. economy, it also identifies and measures significant risks.

In the most recent edition, the Fed Financial Stability Report warns of “increased uncertainty about the economic outlook.”

Important takeaways from the Fed Financial Stability Report

As of May 2022, the Federal Reserve has identified a series of risks contributing to market liquidity decline:

The previous November 2021 report noted “persistent inflation” as the most cited potential risk. However, the Spring 2022 edition reveals the Russia-Ukraine war as the primary concern.

In a statement issued with the recent Fed Financial Stability Report, Governor Lael Brainard explains:

“Russia’s unprovoked war in Ukraine has sparked large price movements and margin calls in commodities market and highlighted a potential channel through which large financial institutions could be exposed to contagion.”

Last week, the Federal Reserve announced the biggest rate hike in more than two decades.

The half-percentage point increase aims to counteract high inflation, with Chairman Jerome Powell stating that the Fed is “strongly committed to restoring price stability.”