Fear and Greed Index Illustration

Have you heard of “The Fear and Greed Index?”

It’s an indicator of how investors feel about the stock market.

On one end of the spectrum, you have extreme greed.  That’s when investors feel the market is going to stay strong.  And on the other end, you have extreme fear.  That’s when they’re worried about a market pullback or collapse.

In recent years this Fear and Greed Index has been pretty stable.  But that’s now changed..

Some mystery investor just placed a MASSIVE bet on the FEAR side of this economic gauge.

And according to Barron’s magazine…

…a trade this huge (and unusual) could have only been placed by a Whale Investor who is worried about a financial apocalypse. 

Not a correction.  Not a cool down.  And not a crash… but a stock market apocalypse.

And he’s not the only one…

Michael Schwartz, Chief Strategist at Oppenheimer, fears the economy is on the brink of collapse.

Mike Novogratz, the hyper-bullish bitcoin investor, says we’re heading into a “really fast recession”. 

And Mohamed El-Erian – top economist, former Chief Investment Officer at PIMCO and awesome guest at last week’s 10X Business Summit – says greater economic volatility is coming.

But before you run to the hills, you should know that this isn’t the time to act scared.

This economic rollercoaster is an unprecedented opportunity. It’s an opportunity for you to gain an unfair advantage over almost everyone else you know. 

See, in times of uncertainty, people contract. 

And when people get contract, they make fear-driven choices. 

They shrink their goals. 

They hoard. 

But cutting out your daily coffee ain’t going to make you rich.

What will?

Expanding in times like these.

Which is why NOW is the exact moment for you to begin stacking wealth.

And I’m going to help…

How would you like to hang out for 3 days? 

How would you like to spend some time together transforming your income, your business, and your life?

Well, that’s what we’re going to do together at my 10X Boot Camp Interactive.

It’s happening from November 4-6th – and I insist on you joining me so I can get you that unfair advantage. 

You should also know that it’s virtual.  So you don’t have to worry about airfare, hotels, or anything like that.

Here’s the link to register.

I’ll see you there.


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