Fast Food Wars

As long as the value of the dollar is droppin’, the fast food wars ain’t stoppin’. And all the major players are getting in the ring. So, what are the Big Three burger brands doing to keep us coming back for more? Returning to the methods that got us hooked in the first place… 

What McDonald’s Does First, The Rest Will Follow… 

Naturally, the latest battle in the fast food wars kicked off when the Big Mac made its first move. Recently, McDonald’s announced it is bringing back an old-school value meal that costs only $5 — for a limited time. 

This promotion is a direct response to social media backlash. Consumers — especially on TikTok — have noted Maccie’s charging as much as sit-down restaurants in some locations. 

@caiticlare89 This is what @McDonald’s was doing when they were distracting us with the Grimace shake 😭#greenscreen #mcdonalds #mcdonaldshashbrowns #inflation #shrinkflation #pricehike #reccession #economy #mcdonaldshacks #happymeal #dollarmenu ♬ Angel – Sarah McLachlan

However, these cost surges are not just a McDonald’s exclusive issue. Wendy’s also had to backpedal when they attempted to implement dynamic prices. 

As a consequence, Wendy’s and Burger King are launching their own value meal deals to keep up…

Wendy’s will offer a breakfast combo for $3 which includes an egg sandwich and seasoned potatoes. And, BK announced its $5 promotion including a sandwich, chicken nuggets, fries, and a drink. 

For the most part, these fast food wars seem to benefit us as consumers. That said, why is the competition getting so fierce? 

What Made the Fast Food Wars So Competitive

As we mentioned before, going to a fast food restaurant has become nearly as expensive as its sit-down counterparts. 

For that reason, consumers that can afford it are choosing the more chic option. In contrast, the higher prices push those with lower incomes out of the option altogether. 

At the end of the day, the fast food wars are about reclaiming those customers. 

But, how can the fast food wars continue if they keep lowering prices and operation costs continue to rise? 

It is as uncertain as when the ice cream machine will be fixed… 

Until then, be great.

— GCTV Staff

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