Falling Forward

Recently, wealth and business mentor, Shamina Taylor, asked me to do an interview. She asked about a wide range of topics, from making money to making a marriage work. By the end of our conversation, an overarching theme made itself clear — falling forward is powerful. This is what that means… 

Starting Far From Where I Am Now…

In September, I was invited to do an episode of Shamina Taylor’s podcast “The Quantum Woman.” After she gave me an off-the-rails, amazing intro, we dug into the Q&A. 

Shamina is all about helping other women attain the wealth mindset. For that reason, she was curious about how I shifted my perspective about money. 


While I cannot say that I lived in poverty growing up, my family lived paycheck-to-paycheck. 

My father was a great man who was a  World War II veteran. However, he couldn’t fully assimilate back to civilian life and never held a full-time job after his service. 

From that experience, I was taught by both my mom and dad to never rely on a man. That misconception was a real doozy when I met and married Grant… 

Falling Forward — And into Grant 

Once the “Quantum Woman” host established where I had come from, she jumped right into everyone’s favorite topic… 


First of all, Grant was not the type of guy I imagined when I went to find the perfect partner. In contrast, I wanted to be an unmarried independent woman without children for a long time…

Nonetheless, I changed my opinion about this by chance on a girls’ night with my friends. We were all drinking wine and playing a party game.  

The idea was for all of us to write down everything that our “ideal man” would have. While making this infamous List, I had two major realizations… 

  1. If this guy existed, I could be with one man forever. 
  2. I wasn’t the type of woman this person would want at the time. 

From there, I went falling forward down a path of self-development so this potential partner would see me. Then, when Grant did, I almost missed out because I was still thinking too small. 

I told Shamina the short version of how Grant won me over. And I appreciated her referring to us as a power couple afterward. 

Still, I had to be honest that he and I had to work hard at it even after we got married… 

Going ALL-IN with the Power of Two

I am embarrassed to say that it took almost losing it all for my husband and me to finally get on the same page. 

I explained to Shamina Taylor that I was still holding on to my tough, independent woman ideals at the beginning of my marriage. Furthermore, I did so despite the issues that were caused since we were “better off than most people.” 


At the time, I was pregnant with our first daughter so I could not continue my Hollywood career. I had to decide between relying on a man or giving up. 


From then on, we have been a cohesive unit truly supporting each other. As a result, we have reached unbelievable levels of success we couldn’t have on our own. 

Or, “standing in our power together,” as Shamina called it. 

Naturally, her next question was how do we bounce back when we fall forward into mistakes… 

“Holding the Vision”

I replied to my interviewer’s question about persisting towards my goals with one of my credos… 


What this precept means is that you have to conduct yourself as if have already achieved your goal. 

For example, I set the goal for Grant and me to reach billionaire status. 

So, I didn’t get discouraged when big deals fell through because a billionaire wouldn’t. We kept pushing on. And now, we have reached that milestone. 

See what I mean? 

That’s why I don’t regret any of the wild ride it took to get here — and neither should you. It can be one of your greatest assets…  

How YOU Can Use the Momentum of Falling Forward

All in all, my fireside discussion with Shamina Taylor was incredible. It helped me refresh my purpose and feel gratitude for all the falling forward I did. 

That being said, I also rediscovered how much stronger I am with a great partner and inner circle to support me. With this in mind, I want to repay the favor. 

I am hosting my Dynamic Relationships Mastermind to offer everything I’ve learned to others. 

Whether through my Mastermind or seeking out other like-minded people to support you, keep falling forward until you make it. 

Build an Empire,

Elena Cardone 

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