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I’ve written a new book called 10X Unbreakable Entrepreneur

And I want you to help yourself to a FREE copy.  Here’s what you need to do…

Register for my Unbreakable Business Challenge here.

It’s a live event taking place January 24-28 (registration for the event is also free).

Once you’ve got your name down, I’ll rush a digital copy of my new book to your inbox, free of charge.

In the meantime, this article contains an excerpt from one of the new book’s chapters.  I think you would be wise to pay attention to Roberto’s story…


You became an entrepreneur because you dream of a better world.  

Whether it’s a better mousetrap, a better pool installation business, a better app for tracking expenses, or a better sales training company…

You have an idea to improve the lives of your customers and clients.  

That’s why I know you’re never gonna be satisfied with average.  

While the rest of the world settles for average — average income, average relationships, average health, average families — not me. 

And not YOU.  

The key to growing your business to unfathomable levels is to adjust your thinking. 

It all starts in the mind. 

Before you can reach extraordinary results, you have to set extraordinary goals. You have to see it in your mind before you can achieve it.  

See if this story sounds familiar: 

Roberto owns a commercial cleaning service and employs 10 people. 

His average monthly gross revenue is $45,000. 

After seeing a GC video on TikTok, he’s ready to go all in. 

This is gonna be his year! (That Grant Cardone brother is nuts, though).

But Roberto knows he can do better, so he aims to hit $60,000 a month this year. That’s reasonable. 

The first month out, Roberto hits up all his old service contracts and lands a few. 

He thinks he’s off to a great start at $52,000.  

In month two, he adds a few accounts but loses a few contracts that either don’t renew or reduce their schedules. 

A lot of people are working from home now, and businesses just don’t need the same level of service.  

He’s slightly up from last year at $49,000. 

Thankfully, last month was good. 

Month three hits and Roberto sees a bunch of reports about how slow things are in commercial real estate. Vacancies are sky-high. 

“Wow,” he tells himself. “Forget about expanding. We’re lucky to be holding steady!”

He’s happy to do $40,000 this month.  

The next few months are more of the same.

Some are up a bit; some are down. The news is bad everywhere.

He knows a couple of competitors who are laying off workers.

He’ll just lay low, offer some discounts to get customers to sign for another year and try to make it through.  

And so the rest of the year goes, with the average for the year coming in at $44,000 — down from the previous year, but he’s just happy to still be in business. 

Next year will be better, right? 

Here’s the problem…

By aiming for marginal growth (33 percent), Roberto thought he could achieve his goals with a marginal increase in effort. 

He didn’t have to fundamentally change anything about the way he was doing business. It was just hitting the gas a little bit harder.  

But what if he had 10Xed his goal? 

What if he’d bought into the vision and said, “This is it. I’m tired of playing small. I’m gonna do whatever it takes to make this a $5 million business”? 

He would have had to adopt a totally different approach to his business. 

His mindset would have shifted dramatically. 

What got Roberto to $45,000 a month won’t get him to $450,000. 

He would have had to rip his business apart at the foundations and rebuild in a completely different manner. 

He would have had to innovate, trying things no one else in his industry was even thinking about. 

Sure, some ideas would have fallen flat or even lost him a bit of money. 

But some would have paid off.  

And maybe Roberto wouldn’t have hit $5.4 million for the year, but he sure as heck wouldn’t have gone backward.  

Roberto needed to get out of his comfort zone and into unknown territory. 

That’s what a 10X Mindset forces. 

And new ways of thinking lead to new levels of success… when you back that thought up with 10X Action.


I hope you absorbed the lesson there.

You see, I published multiple books before I wrote 10X Unbreakable Entrepreneur

Some of them were New York Times bestsellers…

But in many ways, 10Unbreakable Entrepreneur may be the most important book I’ve ever written.

That’s because we’re at a critical time in history.

One that could open up a huge divide between the haves and the have-nots in business.

I want to make sure you’re on the right side of that divide…

And my new book will go some way toward making sure you get there.

But you need to hurry in order to claim your FREE copy

Because the Unbreakable Business Challenge goes LIVE just two days from now.

So register for the challenge here right now before the deadline.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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