“Empty Out the Hurt Pocket” with Coach Micheal Burt

Everybody experiences hurt in their lives that leaves battle scars and for many permantely disables them. This hurt is caused by disappointment, unfulfilled dreams, the let downs of life, loss of something or someone we care about, rejection, slander from others, or overall dissatisfaction with where we are in relationship to where we want to go. Many times we hide this hurt away in a small pocket deep within our hearts and we throw away the key. This hurt handicaps us in virtually every decision we make because other people can’t see it but it’s always there. It always factors in. It never goes away primarily because we will not deal with it. Most can figure out that this hurt comes from the past but virtually eliminates our bigger future. We take it out on the undeserving because we will not tackle it. Today, I want to encourage you to empty out that “hurt pocket” by realizing how much it is costing you and what you could become.


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