A dispatch assistant employee at the Food Industrial Consortium (Cial) — the biggest dried meat manufacturer in Chile — got roughly 330 times his salary by accident, then resigned and disappeared.

The anonymous employee received the equivalent of approximately 180,418 U.S. dollars at the end of May, as first reported by local newspaper Diario Financiero.

As the worker’s typical paycheck was $545, the company’s mistake resulted in 330 times that amount.

But what were the exact steps that led to his subsequent resignation and disappearance?

How the employee proceeded in the salary accident situation

After seeing the massive amount in his checking account, the dispatch assistant contacted the distribution center’s deputy manager.

From there, the deputy manager reached out to the Cial’s HR department, which then communicated an official statement.

“He was informed and clarified that this money did not correspond to the payment of any service.”

— Excerpt from court document obtained by Diario Financiero

Next, the company asked the employee visit his bank, which he promised to do the following day. However, his lawyer was the one who followed up a few days later with his resignation letter.

It was the last time that the dispatch assistant contacted the company.

In the meantime, Cial has taken legal action by filing a criminal complaint for misappropriation of funds.

At the time of writing this article, none of the parties involved have been arrested and no additional updates have been provided by the local media.

H/T: Business Insider


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