Employee experience

As a leader and business owner, the employee experience is one of the most important ones you can provide. 

You see, aside from your customers, the members of your team are your biggest cheerleaders. They’re the best representation of your brand. So, you want to make sure you’re treating them well. 

Look, people talk. And so do employees — especially ex-employees.

But how do you ensure you’re giving them the best experience possible?

How to 10X Employee Experience


Everybody loves money. 

Point me to one person who doesn’t, and I’ll tell you right now — they just don’t understand the value of it. 

The best way to keep people happy — and doing what’s asked of them — is by paying them. Giving them a monetary reward for their contributions and hard work.

If you want your employees to stick with you for the long run, you need to show them that there’s a way to make money in your company. 

It’s a win/win/win — for you, your company, and your team.

2Coach, don’t abdicate

You wouldn’t believe the number of business owners that I’ve seen tell their employees what to do. They abdicate rather than coach, and really… no one wants to be micro-managed. They want to be led

So, it’s up to you to show up as the leader that inspires and helps drive the engagement within your team. You do that by showing them the way. 

John C. Maxwell says it best:

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

And the best way to show your team you truly care about them is by doing everything in your power to make their successes easier. 


If you don’t think company culture is important, then you’re either a solopreneur or you’re too blind to realize that your organization needs a great ecosystem in order to thrive. 

Company culture is what helps attract and retain your employees. 

It’s the catalyst to minimizing turnover rate, and it helps create a solid foundation for a company that’s set to scale to 10X heights. 

Your team is the most important asset your company has. And that’s because people move the business. Learn how to attract, develop, and retain a high-performing team by signing up for our People Essentials Workshop.

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