When it comes to your business, what sets a great leader apart from the average ones is employee appreciation.

Great leaders understand the value that each and every team member brings to their organization. 

If you want to show love in your company, show it to the people who are plugged in, give it their all, and are consistently crushing it. 

Expressing appreciation for your employees will only make your team trust you more, align with you more, and win with you more.

But if you’re struggling to show your team the employee appreciation they deserve, here are some things that we do at all Cardone companies that you can start implementing into your business right now.

1Morning Meetings

Before I get into why these morning meetings are so important for the company’s culture and morale, understand this:

You need to have daily meetings with your team.

That is the only way you’re going to keep everyone aligned and accountable for their actions and efforts. 

During these meetings, you have to give an update for every department inside of your organization. But that’s just the beginning. You should also be giving shout-outs to the individuals that are standing out.

You need to highlight those that are going above and beyond to make things happen. Put them on a pedestal and showcase their remarkable work ethic. 

By doing this, you’re showing them that they’re valued and being recognized for everything they do. 

This also shows your other employees that hard work does pay off, and “taking it easy” won’t get you anywhere but a one-way ticket out of the company. 

2Staff Awards

Just like Morning Meeting shout-outs, Staff Awards are a great way to show and share the love with your team. 

When is the “right time” for Staff Awards? It varies from company to company, but a good recommendation would be to do them during company holiday parties or galas. 

But, if you have a smaller team (of say, less than 20 people), a nice dinner and award night would be the perfect, intimate team bonding experience that celebrates the wins and winners of the year (or quarter). 

Staff Awards show your employees that their dedication is admired. It shows them that the time and effort they put into their job is the catalyst to their success.

It also sends a message to your entire team that the winners will be awarded, and the slackers will be ignored. 

At Cardone companies, we don’t make room for mediocrity. We celebrate and honor the greats. And you should, too. 

3Development and Training Opportunities for Staff

The only way to get better at something is to train every day. Grant talks about this a lot, and he even has segments dedicated to this topic on Cardone University. 

Speaking of Cardone U, every team member — regardless of their role — is required to go through trainings on the platform. This allows them to hone in on and perfect their skills, from public speaking to selling and more.

And if you want a high-performing team that works well together and drives the business forward, then you need to invest in their training and development. 


Because if you want to build and grow a successful business, you need to make sure your team is equipped to handle anything that’s thrown their way. 

By investing in your team’s continued education, this is yet another way to show them just how much you care about them. 

And by showing your team you care, you create a cycle of giving — they give their all, and you give your employees appreciation. In the end, everyone wins.

Building and developing teams is hard, no matter the size of your business or what stage you’re in. If you want to learn how to build a 10X team that drives your business to the next level, learn more about our upcoming People Essentials Workshop.

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