The Biden administration is announcing an ’emergency waiver’ that aims to tackle sky-high gas prices. How much will it help, and what can you do about the situation?

President Biden has faced a lot of criticism for not doing enough to control fuel prices rising due to inflation and Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

So, in an attempt to control gas prices, president Biden is preparing to announce an emergency waiver this afternoon that eases environmental regulations on E15 gasoline.

What is E15 gasoline?

E15 gasoline is a blend of 85% unleaded gas and 15% ethanol, a fuel made from corn.

Under the Clean Air Act, this blend is usually banned from sale from June to September because of air pollution concerns. However, Biden will allow the sale this summer.

Why is Biden allowing the sale of E15 gasoline?

The current administration believes this move could lower the price of the gallon by 10 cents. As a result, drivers will be paying less for fuel.

In an official press release, The White House states:

The President believes that the actions of a dictator half a world away should not impact what families pay at the pump here at home. Today’s actions also reinforce the Biden-Harris Administration’s goal of achieving real energy independence and commitment to a long-term strategy to spur smart development and adoption of sustainable, homegrown fuels.

What are my thoughts on this emergency waiver for gas prices?

No matter what result this emergency waiver has on gas prices, quite frankly — I don’t care.

You see, this is why you hear me preaching about financial freedom everywhere I go.

The true meaning of financial freedom isn’t in Ferraris, Gucci slippers, and exotic vacations.

Financial freedom is having enough money consistently coming in that you don’t worry about gas prices. 

Today, that’s the kind of lifestyle I’m fortunate enough to be living. And it’s the freedom I want you to obtain, because you deserve more.

Whether it’s through real estate investing, world-class sales training, or coaching others to be great, I’m here to help you make that dream a reality.


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