Hollywood Career Elena Lyons

Did you know that before I married Grant I had a successful career as a Hollywood actress? 

Yes, before I was the “woman beside the man,” I acted in everything from soda commercials to teen sitcoms. 

However, not everything in Tinsel Town that glitters is gold. Let’s talk about the good, the bad, and the unspoken sides of show business…

Despite being raised in New Orleans, I have always had a passion for the performing arts. It was because I was able to recite lines perfectly that I even got through high school! 

So it was no surprise that once I was 17, I traded the French Quarter for the Sunset Strip… 

At First, My Hollywood Career Was All Good

You may have heard this mentioned on “behind the scenes” segments, but there is a real sense of family that comes from working on a film project. I definitely consider this a positive aspect of the industry that is often overlooked. 

As an actress, I also had the opportunity to express my creativity, which I loved. Additionally, the competitive nature of this field forced me to be tough and brave

To this day, I still take advantage of these assets which I gained through acting. 

However, Hollywood also comes with those who don’t want your star to shine…

Los Angeles Vampires Suck

And I’m not talking about Bela Legosi as Dracula, either. 

Unfortunately, there are those in the biz who will tear you down to elevate themselves…


While all this is definitely bad, it is not as dangerous as the unspoken… 

The Silent Killer

The biggest problem of all is even though I loved my art, I was a tormented actor

I never liked anything I did…

I was horrible to myself…

As a result, I could never truly, fully enjoy the opportunities and experiences I had building a Hollywood career. 

The situation only changed once I learned to become a friend to myself — something I achieved after I decided to stop acting. 

I’m not going to lie… 

That self-loathing is what caused many setbacks in my life. 

So, when I say that overcoming toxic perfectionism changed my life, I am not being dramatic. (Forgive the acting pun.) 

If you’re interested in my life story, continuous personal growth, and how to achieve it yourself, check out my book, “Build an Empire: How to Have it All.” 

Regardless, in Hollywood as in life, everything has a good and bad side. You just have to make the most of it and not get in your own way. 

Use your star power to build an empire.

Elena Cardone 

Featured image: Elena Lyons and Charlie Sheen in an episode of Two and a Half Men

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