Dreamworks Land

In another addition to its expansion plans, Universal Orlando Resort is giving its existing real estate a makeover. One of the newest inclusions to the grand plan launches park visitors straight into the swamps. DreamWorks Land is the park’s latest edge in the game and it aims to bridge the gap between generations.

What Are They Doing In The DreamWorks Land Swamp?!

DreamWorks Land is part of Universal’s plan to bring back park visitors by investing big bucks into their attractions. 

As part of this $17 billion investment in their parks, Universal is not only adding an entirely new park, Epic Universe

But also fixing up some parts of their theme parks that may need a little bit of an update. 


Part of this new strategy involves welcoming some fresh intellectual property to the park that any family can recognize. Much of DreamWorks IP is being passed down to new generations thanks to young families…

So banking on incredibly recognized characters could build interest in the new additions. 

DreamWorks Land is replacing a section in the park formerly known as ‘The Kid Zone…

Which featured IP such as Woody Woodpecker, Curious George, and Barney The Purple Dinosaur…

Many are hailing the rebrand as a fantastic move because let’s all be honest…


The move is also a competitive one. Disney World, neighbor and rival to Universal, has always been known for being more family-friendly…

Whereas Universal has been adored by thrill-seekers, primarily. 

So prioritizing attractions that any age range can enjoy (but specifically three to ten-year-olds

Is a sign that DreamWorks land is not coming to play around…

Unless you and your kids do want some playtime, that is.

Familiar Faces For Kids (And Accompanying Parents)

DreamWorks Lands is putting family favorites front and center. 

Universal is fully taking advantage of the IP they’ve spent decades building and putting these movies in the spotlight for anyone to enjoy. 

Some of DreamWorks’ biggest franchises are getting special treatment…

Most notably with How To Train Your Dragon receiving its own section in the new Epic Universe park. 

In the revamped kids section, some familiar characters include:

  • Shrek
  • The Trolls
  • Kung Fu Panda

In Shrek’s Swamp for Little Ogres, guests can find a 39-foot replica of the titular character’s cottage as the main attraction. Here, guests can have meet-and-greets with the movie’s colorful ensemble…

And kiddos can run across the swamp-themed playground…

(Yes, they did in fact recreate the outhouse famous in the fairy-tale spoof.)

At Trolls Village, the little ones can enjoy their first kiddie coaster with the Trollercoaster. Guests can join their favorite trolls as they outrun evil spiders. 

And over at Po’s Kung Fu Training Camp, kids can outrun the jets at a wet and dry play area. 

Some new additions to this area of DreamWorks land also include new Broadway-level fountain shows and new parades.

Visitors Are Over The Moon

In 2023, Universal surpassed Disney as the highest-grossing movie studio for the first time since 2015. 

But movies are a fickle business, and as the studios have discovered…


DreamWorks land, and the expansion as a whole, puts a competitive edge back in Universal’s stride…

Especially now since Disney’s park sector hasn’t been doing too hot as of late. 

If the success behind Dreamworks Land has anything to reveal to park-goers, its that while Disney may have kingdoms…

Universal is still, at the moment, the king of the parks. 

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