I’m writing to you today from Portofino, Italy.

And I’ve got a simple message for you…

Find a way to travel.  Now.  Don’t wait until you’re older or it may never happen.

Travel expands your mind like nothing else.  Especially when you do it right.

Start small if you have to.

Maybe you can’t fly on a jet like I do.  And maybe your travel won’t be on a yacht.

That’s ok.

I didn’t get here overnight.  And you probably won’t either.

But you can get there if you want to… you can be more.  You can do more.  

Start making plans today. You have to set an intention to travel – or it won’t happen.

That’s it for today. Just a simple but powerful message…

Travel now. Because you can’t afford to wait.

Keeping it real,

–   Grant Cardone

P.S. – Need a reason to travel?  My 10X Business Boot Camp is just a few days away.  

No, it’s not the Italian Riviera. But what you learn while you’re there will get you started.

Plus it’s probably tax deductible, anyway.

So, plan a day or 2 on either side of the event and treat yourself. You deserve it.

There’s a fantastic golf course at the hotel. And a waterpark too. So bring the family.

I look forward to meeting you there.


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