Don't Hate Haters

Don’t hate your haters because they aren’t who you need to worry about…

I always think the most dangerous enemies are not the ones who throw hate at you from the sidelines.  

The most dangerous enemies are the ones you personally let into your empire.  Case in point:

People regularly criticize me for my religion…

My relationship with Grant…

My love of guns…

The way I look…


I could go on and on about all the reasons why people publicly spit venom at me.

But despite the fact I like to be liked…

And despite the fact I despise confrontation…

People who throw hate at me from the sidelines are simply making noise.  And they can’t really disrupt my empire. 

Which is why – when I think about my enemies… I don’t worry too much about the haters outside my empire.  

Here’s a great example: 

Several years ago, Grant and I got involved with an international organization.

This organization was way bigger than Cardone Enterprises. 

So I invited them deep inside our empire.  

Because they promised to give us the global reach we wanted – but that we didn’t have at the time. 

It was very exciting. 

And it was enough to make me overlook a lot of red flags…

Red flags that said, “this sounds too good to be true”.

At first, our partnership went great.

But unfortunately for Grant and me, things very quickly took a turn for the worse. 

It started with members of the organization spreading outrageous lies about us.  

And what followed got even uglier…

To the point where heads of the company flat-out tried to destroy us.

It was a disaster for our joint venture.

And an even bigger disaster for the entire Cardone team. 

For months after this incident, I beat myself up for failing. 

I even considered giving up on my empire and retreating somewhere quiet.  In the end…

I realized that wasn’t the answer. 

Because – although this setback hurt – my purpose mattered more than a few bruises to my ego. 

And thanks to this experience, I learned several crucial lessons:

Enemies are Inevitable

Like I said earlier, enemies will attack for all kinds of reasons.  Some of them can be silly reasons, like not liking your hair one day…

Or hating the sound of your voice. 

Other attacks can be more dangerous… and can bring down your entire business if you don’t have your wits about you. 

The key is to realize you are not alone in attracting enemies. Enemies are inevitable.

And they usually emerge because your success makes them feel inferior.  

Instead of working on themselves…

Your enemies will seek to drag you down to their level. 

Of course, no one likes to attract enemies.  But the minute you accept these people for what they really are…

They will lose their power over you. 

Your Enemies Can Only Win if You Quit

One of the most tempting things to do after an enemy attack is to quit building your empire. 

You might question if it’s worth facing adversity and challenges day after day.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned… it’s that your enemies want you to quit.

That is their ultimate goal.

So if you throw in the towel, what you’re really doing is letting your enemy win. 

Nobody wants their enemies to get the upper hand. 

Which is why you must pick yourself up and move onto the next challenge… even if it feels like the hardest thing in the world. 

Don’t Hate Your Haters… Contemplate 

I always say, “don’t hate your enemies”.  

And OK, a brief revenge fantasy is fine… but you must not waste more than a minute’s energy thinking about your enemies.

Instead, you should get the best sort of revenge: 

Which is to stay focused on you, your partner, and building your empire.  

And to reflect on the ways YOU allowed your enemies to attack.  

This will help you avoid making the same mistakes again in the future.  And shield your empire from future disasters.    

So don’t hate… contemplate. 


The most dangerous enemies are not the ones who throw hate at you from the sidelines.  

The most dangerous enemies are the ones you personally let into your empire. 

Build an empire,

Elena Cardone

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