Want to finally dominate fear? Check out my tricks to take action today.

Listen, no one is courageous all the time. I know I’m not.

Everyone thinks that I’m Mr. 10X, that I’m running everything at 100% energy. The truth is that I’m not. Sometimes it feels like I have to drag myself out of bed. 

But over time, I have discovered these tricks to dominate fear. If you have ever woken up and “just not felt it,” here’s how you get back in the game. 

1Get close to the action

The first step to dominating fear is you have to be in proximity to the challenge.

I am not asking you to slay any dragons yet. I just want you to get one step closer to whatever it is you are afraid of. 

This could mean researching a prospective client you want to earn the business of or just walking into the gym after skipping a workout. Often, being near the action will inspire you to take action! 

Proximity matters when you’re conquering fear.

2Forget the consequences

Next, you can’t get caught up in the what-ifs if you’re going to dominate your fear.

That doubt is what is feeding your insecurity.

No matter what you or others tell you is the worst thing that could happen, I’m telling you to do it anyways. 

You have to push through all that to accomplish anything great. I promise you’ll regret not doing anything more than any downside your action may cause. 

3Going all in = no fear

This last trick I want to share with you may be the most important. Fear will back down if you show up to whatever obstacle you fear and give 100% of your effort. 

It is impossible to be disappointed when you fall short giving it everything you’ve got. When you know you’ve done that, fear is no longer an issue. 

I’m not saying you’ll never be scared as a result of all these tricks to dominate fear. However, I am saying that you’ll be in control of the doubt and anxiety.

You’ll know at least you showed up and are willing to give it your all tomorrow. 

To build confidence, dominate fear, and achieve massive success, check out my bestselling book The 10X Rule.

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