Discipline is a big word. Every chance I get I look up words that intrigues my growth apparatus. I believe defining words such as discipline, growth, success or even commitment is valuable to moving forward on your journey during self-mastery and personal development. Forget long scary words like sesquipedalian which, if you care to know, means “one who uses big words” – But that’s not really a BIG WORD to me! My journey has brought me to a place of discipline, a place where real success emerges from the inner linings of your heart and soul. We understand the need for grit and determination, we understand the logic behind perseverance and passion but for GOD’s sake what in the world will get us there. The short answer is discipline; the long answer is how bad do you want it anyway. LET’S LOOK IT UP Discipline is a noun in the English language whose root come from the word discipulus , the Latin word for pupil. Our goal in looking up these types of words is not to merely get a whiff of the surface definition but to also find a deep rooted meaning in order to fully integrate it in our success hunting lifestyle. Essentially, we want to understand the entire scope of something especially when we run around spewing that we are disciplined, we are successful, we are this or we are that. So now we get to the word pupil! As we understand it today, it’s safe to say pupil is another word for student. What is a student? What is a pupil anyway? Do you know? Tradition and social filters made us to believe a simple definition: “one who learns” right? It’s not that simple. Let’s research. Pupil, the Latin and original usage of the word was taken from the word (source) Disciple. I know what you’re thinking at this exact moment – Well, I know what I am thinking. Before discipline, before pupil there was disciple. Stay with me… let’s get deeper. The first usage of the word discipline was in fact to describe punishment. This was in the 13th century and it usually referred to religious chastisement. Do you know what chastisement means? Do you see how fun this could be? Pretty much people whipped and punish themselves as a part of religious ritual. Thank God we moved on as a conscious collective huh? Discipline deals with study and having control over one’s behavior and instruction. Training that molds and corrects or perfects mental capacities or moral character. Discipline deals with control, a rule of systems in place that define your action and thought. There is order in discipline. There is obedience. Also this can be a way of acquiring a new skill and knowledge specific to your journey. It all boils down to three words. Training. Control. Order. No one is just naturally born with discipline. Schools try to install a sense of discipline through controlling behavior – in keeping all children in the class quiet, obedient and controlled. “Raise your hand when you have a question after I finish speaking” – “Do not speak out of turn” “Single file please” Remember the bell after each period. It was like clockwork the way we gathered our books and belongings and rushed to next period.” After a while we were disciplined enough to gather everything and start packing up 1 minute before the bell – oh how we looked at that daunting clock on top the door! I bet sometimes we didn’t even need the clock. Something inside us already prepared for that bell, already waiting to GO! This is discipline. This is what it’s going to take for you to challenge yourself and train yourself to success. This morning, I brought my family once again outside at 6A.M to run in our backyard. It only took us 10 minutes to run back and forth 20 times. After a while we will be disciplined and training to complete 20 in less time and our body will want us to do more. Discipline is self-mastery. It is the awareness of what needs to be done to actualize any goal. Whether you are trying to master writing your goals down each day or losing 20 pounds in order to achieve, you must have discipline. You must be a pupil to an organized method. You must be okay with feeling pain and discomfort. You must be willing to strip down to the root cause of anything and FOLLOW the plan of action that was created for you, by you. Listen, when you find yourself stuck – look things up. Get another point of reference for the thing you want. Go after it with tons of discipline and be ready to fail a bunch. Self-Mastery is failure learned. I am Stacy Cross, the original Comfort Killer and the leader of this life changing Movement. My mission is to teach MILLIONS how to get uncomfortable and achieve their greatest dreams. I am an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, customer service and life expert. Currently, I am a leader at a massively successful global Airline. I live in the birth place of American liberty and Rocky Balboa ­ Philadelphia, PA. Here in Philly, we aren’t afraid of getting our hands dirty to achieve our goals. All Comfort Killers need to have an amazing partner in their corner and for me that person is my girlfriend, Shivhon. I haven’t always been successful ­ I have hit rock bottom multiple times. Let me use my experience of getting off of the mat ­ bloodied but still moving forward ­ to guide you on your journey. The tools I create are for individuals yearning for the very best in all areas of life­ love, wealth, career, and health. I don’t sugar coat it. If you are easily offended ­ move on. I am Stacy Cross and I am a millionaire. I am just waiting for the check to clear. thecomfortkillers.com Snapchat.com/add/StacyACross Twitter.com/StacyACross Instagram.com/StacyACross Facebook.com/TheComfortKiller Facebook.com/StacyAnnMarieCross  
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