I’ve gotten this question before – both from business owners, leaders, and even myself… What is TRUE leadership?

Here’s what YOU can do to be a better leader.

The simple answer, I came to find, is this: TRUE leadership is making others’ successes easy. 

You see, if you want to be a good leader, you need to measure yourself based on the IMPACT you’ve created in other people’s lives–who did you help, who did you inspire?

Only secure leaders give power to others. Leading well is not about enriching yourself. It’s about enriching and empowering others.

The number one enemy of empowerment is the fear of losing what we have. It’s the rate-limiting factor to your overall success. Many business owners will say to me, “But I have empowered my team.” And I say to them…

Empower, don’t abdicate

You don’t empower people by telling them what to do, you empower them by saying, “this is the impact I need and want you to make on the business. And if you’re able to create the necessary impact on the business, then I will ensure that we create the same impact on your personal, professional, and financial aspirations. 

By doing that, you’re aligning your team. You’re making sure your people are aware of your goals, the mission, and vision, and are doing everything THEY can do not only achieve those but also conquer their own goals as a result. 

What is the TRUE test of leadership?

Those who CAN do it, can lead and show others how they did it, how they changed, and how they were able to do it in order to create a more impactful result. 

Being a remarkable leader is being an influential leader. You want to be that living example for your team. And don’t let a title be the determining factor of your leadership abilities… titles alone give you no power. They only represent your ability to either influence through your experiences and your actual intentionality with your team, or through title dictatorship. 

Influence is saying, ”Do it because I am going to help you attain a higher level of success like I accomplished myself.” That’s influence. 

But in the end…

The true test of leadership is held by your ability to impact and influence others to do things they otherwise might not do. And therefore, anyone and everyone in any organization, at any level, has the power to be a true leader, by helping and influencing others to succeed.

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