Many people look up to me and Grant as a power couple. This is a huge responsibility and a lot of work — trying to align our strong personalities with millions of eyes on us as well…

Needless to say, coming to an agreement can be tough sometimes…

Nonetheless, we always do. 

And, as a result, we have achieved a level of success neither of us ever imagined

With that in mind, I am going to share the top strategies Grant and I use for decision-making. That way, you can strengthen your relationship with the one you trust and build an empire…

5 Power Couple Decision-Making Strategies

1. Establish Your Long-term Agreements and Goals 

Over my writing and speaking career, I have stressed the importance of getting on the same page. However, how do you make decisions together once you get there? 

Instituting your shared vision for the future and making agreements on major issues ahead of time makes settling these matters a lot easier…


But before that, you have to go into decision-making strategies with the right mindset

2. Don’t Go in Looking for a Fight

When you’re making a decision as a couple, you cannot go into it thinking there will be a big blow-up. After all, you trust this person enough to be their partner. 

Getting worked up is not going to help you two come to an agreement — even if it is regarding a tough issue. 

Instead, walk into the discussion as calmly as possible with the intention of making the best choice for your shared future. 

That being said, if one of you is going solo to a major decision-making setting — like buying a car — I suggest you do what Grant and I do and iron out details at home… 

3. Define Details and Limits — Privately

Similar to how you made agreements and goals, you are going to discuss major purchases, business ventures, and family matters beforehand with one other caveat… 


I want you to do this for a couple of reasons… 

Number one, so you don’t unintentionally end up arguing in front of others.

And number two, to ensure there are no outside influences on your choices. 

This way, when one of you goes into the dealership alone, that person can be confident they are not going to do anything that upsets their partner…

They are certain the other person hates green cars, needs the leather interior, doesn’t want you to take the position if you have to move, etc. 

Nevertheless, there are instances where you need to look at things beyond “feelings” for power couple decision-making…

4. Don’t Let Your Emotions Blind You From the “Big Picture”

Certainly, there are choices we face with our spouses which can dig up strong feelings

However, making decisions based on these reactionary emotions could possibly lead to trouble… 

Let’s take one of the examples from the list above to illustrate this point — moving for a new job. 

The spouse not being hired may feel upset at the idea of relocating. They may have considerations like leaving friends behind, getting a new position themselves, changing schools for the kids, or finding a new home…

On the other hand, their partner’s new position may be the opportunity to bring them closer to their long-term vision and goals

In that case, wouldn’t putting one’s feelings aside be worth it? 

For this reason, make sure you’re being objective while determining what road to take. 

In the same way, my final strategy shares this sentiment… 

5. Identify Which Issues Are Valid

Lastly, is whatever decision you two are making worth a conversation? You need to ask yourselves that question before you sit down to discuss any matter. 


Therefore, you don’t have time to waste poring over petty details. 

At this point is where clearly defining your roles comes into play… 

This allows one partner to make the decisions in that department with the other’s full confidence. It also permits more time for your legacy-building pursuits — and more importantly, quality time together. 

Get on the Same Page

In summary, these are the top decision-making strategies Grant and I recommend for couples. 

We were able to develop these tools because we are now on the same page

If you need help with that vital first step, you can sign up for my Build an Empire Course here

In the meantime, I urge you to implement these decision-making strategies into your relationship… 

I promise you they will make a difference when you’re struggling to get on the same page with your partner.

Build an Empire,

Elena Cardone 

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