Daniel Peña, Sr. Exclusive Interview – Confessions of an Entrepreneur Sneak Preview

Grant Cardone’s brand new raw-and-uncut show, Confessions of an Entrepreneur, takes you right into the front seat of Grant’s daily life. Ride along with him and his entrepreneurial guests as they explore Miami Beach. Grant manages to get each guest to confess about something personal from their past—unplanned and unedited. This show is not for the feint of heart. Dan Peña, known as the “50 Billion Dollar Man” rides with Grant Cardone in this episode of Confessions of an Entrepreneur. He’s a no-bullshit entrepreneur. His back-and-forth with Grant is like nothing you’ve seen on Whatever It Takes Network before. Make sure to stay tuned to <a href=”https://grantcardonetv.com/confessions/”>Confessions of an Entrepreneur</a> to see the full episode when it is aired!


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