Dame Dash and Grant Cardone Break Down Your Keys to Success – Power Players


Dame Dash, Co-Founder of Rock-A-Fella Records, breaks them down the keys to your success:

– Why creating your “Selfish Dream” is the 1st step to success and why you should never dream cheap.

– Think you can hang around mediocre people and win? think again!

– Why investing in yourself first is the critical missing piece most people miss.

– Why you must surround yourself with dreamers and people with a boss mentality.

– The education system has failed you. how to escape and create a mentality of greatness.

– Where will you be in 10 years? How to become the architect of your future.

– The key difference between an amateur and a professional (and how to make sure you’re on the pro path).

– If you want to win the war of success, you have to surround yourself with generals (here’s how).

– Why becoming a boss in life and business comes down to a simple shift in your mindset

– What 10X means to Dame.

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